Lonely Beast is one of the top-ten nicest group of bastards you’ll ever meet. Not literally, because they all have a dad—the same one, in fact. Formerly known as Brown Shoe, they’re going on fifteen years as a band and even longer as brothers. Ryan (vocals & guitar), Aaron (guitar), Bryson (bass) and Landon (drums) have four records, too many drinks, and a half-dozen nationwide tours between them. They grew up in Folsom, California, a stone’s throw from the prison. They currently live on the east side of Los Angeles. Sometimes, they come *this close* to gouging each other’s eyes out in the name of music.

As musicians, the brothers have always been pulled in two directions: simple and plaintive, and raucous and vast. The eponymous debut record from Lonely Beast is both a departure from the Brown Shoe era and an act of preservation—an evolution beyond the inevitabilities of love lost and a new foray into an unfettered, unknowable future.